Spoil Your Desk

Opulence • The Journal • September 21

We are hearing a lot about self-care at the moment, and quite right too. Self-care is what we do to reach our best physical and mental health.  Caring for ourselves and optimising our health and happiness starts from within. And, it often starts with the small things.

One area we may not think of as being worthy of much attention is our workspace or home-office. Many of us have been squashing into any old place in which we can cram a desk and a chair. We have made do with the small comforts of, say, a favourite mug or cushion. Now there is a way to create calm around your workspace, to bring a little bit of luxury to the area you spend so much time in, to make it feel as special as the rest of your home.


To care for the space in which you spend so much time, STOW has launched three luxury leather desk accessories. These are the latest in their collection of luxurious, work-friendly designs including leather tidy-trays, pencil cases, cable tidies, tech pouches and the best-selling tech cases.

Says Carol Lovell, CEO and Founder of STOW, ‘The way we work has changed forever, with more of us splitting our time between home and flexible workspaces. People want to up their desk and mobile-office game and, building on our range of luxury leather cases (ideal for moving tech between the two) we have created two eye-catching pen pots for smarter home desk spaces as well as adding a lavish leather folio to keep important documents at hand, both at home and in transit. I just can’t wait to get working in the morning!’


Luxury Leather Desk Folio

Inspired by a piece used by Carol’s father last century in the City of London, STOW’s stunningly simple desk folio houses A4 papers, correspondence and files for the new mobile work force. Just gather up what you’re working on and leave it tidy and out of sight. Or carry the folio to your next meeting. Either way it works to move and organise important papers between home, meetings and the office. It is the ultimate document tidy.

Available in Amber Orange, Sapphire Blue and Jet.


Round Leather Pen Pot

For stationary and organisation addicts, there’s a certain deep pleasure in keeping favourite fountain pens and pencils in one, beautiful place. STOW’s classic circular pen pot is sure to elevate any desk space with its simple shape. Hand crafted by leading luxury leather artisans, made only in small numbers, each pot is destined for a life-time of use to one of a handful of clientele.

Available in Amber Orange with Sand lining, Sapphire Blue with Montana Blue lining, and Jet with Sand lining.


Square Leather Pen Pot

A rectangular double compartment pen pot to make organising pens, pencils and other writing instruments a joy with its sleek shape, design and exquisite feel. Attention to detail is evident in its clean lines, stitching and immaculately finished gold foil logo. Who says organising can’t be fun?

Available in Amber Orange with Sand lining, Sapphire Blue with Montana Blue lining, and Jet with Sand lining.

The new accessories are available on the STOW website and in Harrods, Knightsbridge