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We make a point about our manufacturing because it is great and not everyone can do the same. We are very closely aligned with our factory partner which means we can bring you assured quality, prices not based on maximizing profit and minimization of waste through flexible supply management.

Since the beginning of STOW, all products have been manufactured in the same family-run partner factory, in Ubrique, Spain.

We are proud of our provenance. Spain has an irrevocably close relationship with leather and Ubrique is the centre of luxury leather goods manufacturing. “From dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn”. This is an old saying in the town regarding the long hours that workers would do, learning the trade, honing their skills and producing items to be sent all over the world. Times have changed through the generations but the skills have not. The town is stronger than ever and boasts being home to factories for the leading luxury houses in Europe. 

If a brand doesn't want to talk about where they manufacture and go into details about the materials they use, they probably aren’t worth buying from. Look around, demand more and be proud of what you buy.