STOW was founded in 2013 by Carol Lovell. Adventurer, traveller and designer, Carol created luxury accessories which filled a gap in the market for beautiful and sustainable styles at a fair price. Elegant and timeless, the brand has grown and become known amongst discerning clients who place importance on more than just a label. Sustainability and being a good company has been at the heart of what Carol always wanted STOW to represent. Small batch production, not following fast fashion trends, ethically produced and using the finest and most traceable materials. Since its inception, all products have been manufactured in a family run factory in Ubrique, Spain. A town renowned for the highest level of quality in leather goods and manufacturing home to many of the best known brands in the luxury sector.

At the start of our second decade we are vowing to focus more on our brand values than ever. Never has this been so important. We must demand more. STOW is Real Luxury. We make beautiful bags and accessories at fair prices. We believe in artisan manufacturing and in “Being Good”. Pretty straightforward.  

There will be an increasing focus on bags. We believe many things need to be done better in this sector. Our bags live our brand values and we think they have a lot to say. The first collection sees some STOW classics re-imagined and some new styles presented. In 2023 further bag collections will be released.  

Travel related and jewellery storage accessories will of course continue being part of the STOW offering and these will be re-released with exciting updates during the course of 2023.

A new website improving and simplifying our customer experience has been launched.

STOW has relocated its distribution operations to Spain to be more closely aligned with its manufacturing partner. This means many good things for our customers and the world in which we operate. Greater flexibility to continue manufacturing what is in demand at any point in time, further removing potential for over supply and subsequent surplus stock. We ship from where we manufacture and therefore eliminate the need to send product to a UK warehouse before it can be shipped on to customers globally. Less air miles, less carbon footprint.  

This alignment also means we can reach a better balance in terms of pricing. Offering the fairest prices possible is part of what we consider being a good company is.