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Our Story


STOW was founded by Carol Lovell in England, originally as the destination for Luxury Leather Travel Goods. Since its inception, all our products have been manufactured in a family run factory in Ubrique, Spain. A town renowned for the highest level of quality and craftsmanship in leather goods and the manufacturing home to many of the best-known brands in the luxury sector.

To 2019

Stocked in Harrods and Fortnum and Mason in London, and Saks in NYC our designs’ elegant and timeless appeal grew quickly, and our accessories became sought after globally amongst discerning clients including Royalty who placed the importance of a brand’s integrity above sporting a designer label.

STOW became a Walpole Brand of Tomorrow, the Official Body for British Luxury Brands.

Sustainability and a mission to BE BETTER has always been at the heart of what Carol wanted STOW to represent, long before the term sustainability became increasingly meaningless through its now ubiquitous use as a marketing term for all fashion brands.

We have always focused on small batch production, have not followed fast fashion trends, and have maintained ethical production through using the finest and most traceable materials.


We celebrated our 10th anniversary by moving all operations to Spain in order to decrease our footprint and work more efficiently for the geographical territories of our customers. We are now closely aligned with our manufacturing partner. This means greater flexibility to continue manufacturing what is in demand at any point in time, further removing potential for over supply and subsequent surplus stock. We ship from where we manufacture and therefore eliminate the need to send product to a UK warehouse before it can be shipped onwards.


We continue to make our most popular travel accessories and have refocused and broadened our collection of bags and handbags. By marrying British design and Spanish craft we continue to pursue excellence in every aspect of our brand and we have recently launched our BE BETTER programme.

We believe the promise of practicing sustainability by many brands is questionable and often misleading. Our mission is to make beautiful bags and accessories better. Our BE BETTER programme is a road map for achieving this objective.