Our Story

STOW has disrupted the world of luxury accessories. Our contemporary, colourful and practical designs are meticulously hand-crafted for a lifetime of use.

STOW launched 7 years ago from our founder's home in North Hertfordshire. Our bold styles are now used by Bobbi Brown, Victoria Pendleton CBE and Karren Brady CBE.

Carol Lovell founded STOW in 2013 with a mission to create THE global destination for luxurious, practical and life-lasting essential accessories for home and away organisation.

Carol still has a leather writing case which she was given on her 18th birthday by her mother. Carol’s mother frequently used her own leather writing case which was gifted to her on her own 18th birthday.

These two, indispensable, still beautiful, leather cases inspired our most popular lines, the Tech Case Collection. Like the writing cases, we believe our luxury leather goods are life-lasting heirlooms crafted for many years of use.

Our commitment to create durable, beautiful gifts is why our designs are hand made by expert artisans in the highest quality sustainable leather sourced in Europe. We live in an age when unnecessary waste and over-production is unacceptable and we have always produced small quantities at any one time with stock levels managed tightly.

Since the launch of the First Class Tech Case in 2015, it and other STOW designs have been regularly featured in global and UK press including British Vogue, US Vogue, The FT, The Times, The Telegraph, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Stylist and the Sunday Times Travel Magazine amongst others.

In 2013, while searching for a specialist luxury leather partner with the necessary traditional skills required to produce the shapes and craftsmanship that Carol envisaged, she met our English factory partner and his Spanish wife who were daringly embarking upon their own new business by setting up a factory to produce leather goods in Spain. Carol felt the stars had aligned when she met them, she had found a couple that were as equally as entrepreneurially intrepid. To this day, STOW still only works with this one factory in Ubrique.

Together we have supported and grown alongside each other in our joint mission to create the best luxury lifestyle accessories. Carol visits on a regular basis to meet their team of master craftsmen who bring her designs to life over a process which can take anything from three months to a year.

Our customers appreciate our pioneering vision and our original, practical designs. They too have adventure in their bones and aspire to push boundaries while also appreciating the centuries old traditional artisan skills required to craft excellence.