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Wild Lavender

Our colour Wild Lavender takes its name from these gloriously aromatic plants that grow in the fields and mountains around Ubrique, home to our STOW factory in Spain. Did you know, we actually spray a little lavender perfume onto all of our plush cotton dust bags before shipping. If you get a sense of being in an Andalusian field when you open your STOW purchase, it may not be a coincidence.

STOW Mini Jewellery Roll in Wild Lavender pebbled leather closed with leather tie.Mini Jewellery Roll
Mini Jewellery Roll Sale price€145,00
Pocket Essentials CasePocket Essentials Case
Pocket Essentials Case Sale price€90,00
STOW Leather Hester Jewellery Case in Wild Lavender colour.Hester Essentials Case
Hester Essentials Case Sale price€135,00
Mini Essentials CaseMini Essentials Case
Mini Essentials Case Sale price€100,00
STOW Leather Cardholder in Wild Lavender colour.Cardholder
Cardholder Sale price€80,00
STOW Leather Multi Tag in Wild Lavender pebbled leather.Multi Tag
Multi Tag Sale price€55,00
Weekend BagWeekend Bag
Weekend Bag Sale price€795,00