Here come the Jet Set

The 1960s: a decade of glamour, movie-star idols and the golden age of travel, ushered in by the arrival of the jet engine.

These newly developed jet engines meant quieter planes could fly higher than ever before, along the fast moving jet stream and above a lot of turbulence. Pressurised cabins meant an enjoyable, relatively quiet flight with reduced noise from propeller blades.

For the first time in history Americans could cross the pond in relative comfort. Though Britain’s Havilland Comet was the first jet airline to cross the Atlantic, it was the Boeing 707 that proved to be the paradigm shift in transcontinental travel. Designed to fly non-stop from New York to London in seven hours it heralded a new era in travel and a new type of traveler – the Jet Set.

‘People wore nicer clothes. It was almost like going to the theatre. Men wore suits and women dresses.’

Well-dressed, glamorous and aware that cameras would be watching them descend onto foreign tarmac, celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor and Burton dressed up to fly whether landing in Nice, Monte Carlo or Rome. Newspapers clamoured for photos of the Jet Set at play: Brigit Bardot cruising around St Tropez with Alain Delon or other high society on yachts in the Mediterranean. The heady lifestyle of the Jet Set represented the ultimate in chic and style and an unattainable world for most.

‘It might all be a romantic notion, but I think the Jet Set era of travel is one we collectively hanker after.’

Now Stow brings you their Jet Set collection, its design firmly rooted in the intoxicating Jet age, yet styled for the 21st century traveller. Sleek lines and structured cuts take as inspiration the BOAC pilot bags and air stewardesses carry-alls. Beautifully hand-crafted with simple lines and luxurious to the touch, each of the three pieces looks as good on the runway as in the penthouse suite or by the pool.

Style onboard and in fashion was exploding in the sixties. STOW aims to bring back some of that JetSet style with these three pieces.’

Designed and exquisitely hand-crafted they compliment the most stylish of traveller. But function closely follows form, with neatly hidden, stylish compartments able to carry all the fuss and fluster of a long-haul flight.

The Amalfi is for the minimalist that likes to travel light and look smart on arrival.

Who hasn’t lusted after those pilot’s bags? The Amalfi Pilot Bag is perfect for that overnight flight or a day trip, with plenty of room for laptop, water bottle plus clothes and even a spare pair of shoes. It’s versatile too. Carry it upright using the sturdy leather handle or use the straps and have hands free for taking photographs. So versatile you’ll want to have this whether downtown or wandering off into the hills.

The smallest of the set, the Capri carry case is perfect for arrival at any destination.

Deceptively roomy it could pack not only Liz Taylor’s essential onboard kit but also a phone and cable plus all travel essentials. From catwalk to runway it’s the perfect travel companion.

The largest of the pack is the Monte Carlo Weekend Case.

Its wide, rectangular design makes it perfect for a longer break, perhaps a flit across to New York, and roomy front pockets will hold laptop and magazines for the flight. The luxurious leather won’t weigh you down either. Using the latest carbon fibre technology for its bespoke frame ensures its elegant shape will hold over time and it’s light to carry. The weekender is the perfect marriage between the latest technology and centuries’ old traditional craftsmanship.

All you need for your weekend, carried in style.

Put the glamour back into travelling with the new Jet Set Collection.