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Article: Travel Talk with Friends of STOW: Vanita Parti MBE

Travel Talk with Friends of STOW: Vanita Parti MBE

Travel Talk with Friends of STOW: Vanita Parti MBE

STOW chats with Vanita Parti MBE, founder of Blink Brow Bar. Vanita first had her brows threaded at 13-years-old and had no idea it would later lead to her launching beauty phenomenon, Blink Brow Bar. Holding a degree in Modern History and Politics, a Marketing Diploma and an MBE, Vanita’s business acumen has permanently changed the way women groom and shape their brows. Traditional Indian threading techniques are now available on the high street, with 26 bars in the UK and two in New York.

Where’s top of your travel wish-list and why?  

I have dreamt about going to Bhutan but want to find the right time to really savour the experience. I imagine enormous beauty and peace set amidst the most formidable mountain range.

Who would you take with you?

Shailendra, my husband and my favourite travel partner.

One essential piece of kit you can’t travel without, and why?

It has to be the bbblondon brow oil. My beauty staple to ensure that my brows are nourished and glossy.

Your favourite STOW piece and why? 

I love the Namib Leather Belt bag because it is the perfect shape to travel with (fits all
phone, note pad, on the go beauty bits and travel documents) while looking super
stylish. The shape and strap are the perfect mix of contemporary with eclectic – my kind of travel style.

Luxury or practicality – which one are you? 

Luxury every step of the way. Practical is so mundane although my children would definitely wish I showed signs of the latter.

Best piece of travel advice you’ve received?

To have a ready-made toiletry bag with under 150ml that is stylish, conveyor belt proof and transparent. I know a brand that does the perfect one…

How do you stay stylish when travelling?

I always carry a light blazer which allows me to balance casual with formal.

How do you refresh body and mind when you travel? 

I never stay anywhere that doesn’t have a spa. The biggest perk of travelling has got to be having time to switch off while being massaged.

Which luxury item do you take on your travels?

My Jaeger Le Coutre watch. I can’t be without although I often forget to change the time. Style over substance – always.

Your top tip for travelling well?

Try and stay in your new time zone straight away and keep moisturising.

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