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Article: Travel Talk with Friends of STOW: Nick Haddow

Nick Haddow Photographer Blog
Friends of STOW

Travel Talk with Friends of STOW: Nick Haddow

STOW sits down to talk to Friend of STOW, Nick Haddow, fashion and portrait photographer, who is often on the move from his Notting Hill studio to remote beach locations. Nick has shot many-a-famous-face over the years including Demi Moore, Uma Thurman, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Where’s top of your travel wish-list and why?  
Always Scotland, Tre Ville in Positano, Greece, Ibiza and any beautiful boat!
Who would you take with you?
Anyone who makes me laugh that I love, there is room for more candidates!
What’s one essential piece of kit you can’t travel without and why?
My iPhone (sadly), Dr Sturm sun drops and my STOW First Class Leather monogrammed Tech CaseCable Tidies and Organiser Pouches.


What’s your favourite STOW piece and why?
I have many, but the ones I mention above are very practical and so chic.
Luxury or practicality – which one are you and why?
For me, if lucky enough they should be hand in hand. If not I’ll take practicality!
What’s the best piece of travel advice you’ve ever received?
Only turn left when boarding - kidding aside (not really) it must be to set your watch to destination time, this helps with jet lag and travel anxiety especially when arriving to start working.
How do you stay stylish when travelling?
I kind of have a uniform so never overthink this. My style is similar whether S/S or A/W and the same if it be work or pleasure.
How do you refresh body and mind when you travel?
This depends whether it’s business or pleasure… Pleasure: AM: Bloody Mary or a glass of Champagne PM: Red Wine. Business: Sparkling Water.
Which luxury item/s do you take on your travels?
My fave Ralph Lauren Purple Label white Cashmere Cable knit sweater, my STOW Tech Case and my George Cortina Sunglasses.
What’s your top tip for travelling well?
Enjoy the ride!

Take a look at Nick Haddow's portfolio:

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