The story of our craftsmanship starts with the quality of the materials and the slow production methods we use

Materials. We are dedicated to keeping our carbon footprint to
a minimum. Ensuring that all materials and designs are sourced and manufacturedin Europe supports our mission of eco responsibility.

Knowing the provenance of all materials is essential to us. All leather and suede are responsibly sourced and traced, from leading European gold-rated Leather Working Group Tanneries who are environmentally certified.

Exceptionally high-quality Italian zips and hardware components are used to ensure our products are hard wearing and long lasting.

Each of our designs is cut from the finest top-grain Spanish leather and Italian goat suede which is buffed and milled to the level of buttery softness we are renowned for. We design and produce any extra gold hardware ourselves to complement our European sourced luxurious materials.

“Following global policymakers' commitment to cut methane emissions at COP26, retailers will need to stay on course with their climate goals and pick a route - vegan, vintage or traceable.” April 22.

STOW has always chosen the traceable route, and it remains our direction for the foreseeable future.  

Craftsmanship. We have partnered with a family-owned, medium size factory in Ubrique, Spain since our launch.

Here we work with a master craftsman who constructs an initial prototype and oversees a sampling process for each new design – a process than can take anything from three months to a year. We are very particular about the finer detail and quality of finish and we only sign off a final sample for production when we are certain our design has been interpreted faultlessly in his or her hands.

Production. This process is split up into various stages amongst a small number of differently trained artisans, who (with over three hundred years of leather working heritage to draw on) have a specific skill or expertise required for each design – expertise that has been passed down from generation to generation within the local community. Each piece is constructed by hand with the use of sewing machines and cutting knives.

We celebrate the work of our artisans and aim to be part of the slow fashion movement. We are anti-waste, anti-over production and against landfill created by fast fashion’s unsustainable practices.

Partnership. The factory we have partnered with is medium size, family owned and demonstrate high levels of employee satisfaction. They are closed throughout the month of August, observe all Spanish holidays and Fiestas and their daily working hours while starting early, include the recommended breaks for breakfast, lunch and a siesta.

STOW visit Ubrique regularly throughout the year and are in weekly, often daily contact with the owners of our partner factory.