STOW's SLOW Collection for a Happier Weekend Away

Did you know that the best way to boost your happiness after you get back from holiday is to book your next one? According to a study in the journal Psychological Science,  it is the anticipation of the holiday that boosts your mood. And, when things are tough, you always have something to look forward to.

Despite this, the trend is increasingly towards using less of our paid holiday entitlement. In the States, an initiative called Project: Time Off has been created to win back America’s unused vacation days, which have been increasing over the years; the average American now takes one week less holiday per year. Last year over 705 million vacation days went unused in America, resulting in $255 billion in lost spending. In Britain, a survey revealed that, on average, Britons also waste four days a year annual leave: that’s 188 days in an average working life.

People state FOMO (fear of missing out) with long holidays from the office ( although that might well be set to change now). In fact, people who take holidays tend to be happier, calmer, and more energized than those who rarely take time off, according to Jessica de Bloom, Ph.D. author of several studies on the health benefits of travel. When a person is rested and takes a break from the routine of work, they return with higher levels of happiness and clarity. Usually, that positive attitude rubs off on other employees, boosting morale. Perhaps now, more than ever, despite travel restrictions, we need to have those days marked out in our calendars.

Mindful of our changing world, there’s a new trend for micro-cations: brief getaways which provide a momentary respite from the cares of everyday life. They are short but sweet and just as replenishing for the mind and body as a week in the sun. The perks of a microvacation – a trip of two to four days long – are less stress beforehand, less FOMO, and therefore happier people on their return. The result is that we take more little breaks: just what a lot of us need right now!

At STOW we are firm believers in the positive impact of getting away and our latest collection is designed with micro-cations in mind.  

‘If you’re going to head for the hills to see your own country, what better to take than this stylish weekender?’

Mindful of the times and ensuring that any innovation takes into consideration the planet and our changing futures, STOW’s new collection is designed for a new era of travel and is insistently eco-conscious. Canvas has been used for the first time; a bio-degradable cotton canvas made in Spain by Textilin. Paired with STOW’s renowned soft luxury leather, this collection offers casual, long-lasting elegance whilst being kind to the planet. So, you can travel and feel good about it.

All three of the cases – the make-up bag, wash bag and weekender – are soft, flexible and lightweight which makes them ideal for carrying onto a train or tucking into a boot for a spontaneous trip to the country or off to your own secret hideaway.

The SLOW Travel Collection is available for pre-order from the end of September. So, this autumn, why not get happier and take all your holiday. Put those long weekends in the calendar and the SLOW Travel Collection on your wish list.