Move Over Maui

Wonder • The Journal • September 21

Who says you can’t make a living out of surfing? Mike Young, British Head Surfing Coach for the UK Junior Team, has exploded that myth. Originally from South Africa but now a British citizen, Mike is one of the most experienced surfers and coaches in the UK, and has made a living surfing professionally around the world.

Now Head Coach of the Escape Surf School in Newquay, Mike’s passion for surfing and sharing his knowledge is infectious and probably the reason is he now an advisor for a new, exciting surf venue in the UK: Emerge Surf.

A long, long way from the well-known breaks in Cornwall, the surf will be up in a £25m wave park, seven miles east of Birmingham city centre. The wave park, called Emerge Surf, will be unveiled in 2022 in Coleshill, right in the middle of land-locked England! It will feature a 5.4 acre Wavegarden Cove surf lagoon, outdoor heated swimming pool, surf school and lots to keep prospective surfers busy. The surf school will also enable visitors to try the sport for the first time in a controlled environment, with Wavegarden Cove technology allowing waves to be tailored to different ability levels. Capable of producing between 300-1000 quality waves per hour depending on the wave setting, the patent-awarded technology replicates the exact movement of water particles in ocean swells. The system pumps energy into the waves as they move forward to ensure they maintain a constant height for most of the ride.

For every level of surfer, this is just heaven. No waiting around for the right tide and wind conditions, no hoping for clean waves, no excuses at all for getting into a wetsuit and onto the water.

Steve Price, founder and CEO of Emerge Surf, says that the aim is to bring a slice of the ocean to Birmingham, creating a haven for landlocked surfers and those wanting to try the sport for the first time.

‘Emerge Surf will not only provide a high-performance training and surfing environment, but also capitalise on the health and wellbeing benefits of surfing to deliver far reaching social impact.’

Emerge Surf is already making waves in the community, as it is a good 100 miles or so to the nearest beaches, and a long way from world-class breaks. Advisor Mike Young has tested out the Wavegarden Cove technology and, let’s face it, if it’s good enough for a man whose accolades include Top 10 Pro surfer 2007 & 2008, 2015 British Masters Surf Champion, 2016 English Masters Surf Champion - the list goes on – then it’s sure to be worth the wait. Even better, you won’t have to join the mad rush down the motorways to the south-west to get on some peachy waves.