Travel Talk with Friends of STOW: David Evans

STOW sits down to talk to Friend of STOW, David Evans, of Grey Fox Blog fame. He shares his most coveted travel tips and tricks.

To where would you most like to stowaway?
The International Space Station.

Who would you take with you?
My family.

One essential piece of kit you cannot travel without, and why?
My toothbrush.

What is your favourite STOW piece, and why?
I love the First Class Tech Case. As a blogger, I have to keep in touch wherever I am and the case contains all I need to keep powered up and in touch.

What would you keep in your stowaway envelope?
A photo of the family and Harry my lab.

Luxury or practicality – which one are you?
Luxury – but with a practical twist. The two aren’t mutually exclusive

Best piece of travel attire to stay stylish when on the move?
A suit – either linen or Fresco cloths, depending on whether you like the casually crumpled look or not.

How do you stay stylish when travelling?
I take as little as I can, but make sure that what I take is the best quality so that it stays looking good even after a long flight or a quick wash in a hotel bathroom or under a village pump.

Best piece of fashion advice you’ve received?
Make sure that what you buy fits properly. Most men wear clothes that are too large for them.

Who is your travel hero/heroine and why?
Neil Armstrong. The first man to step onto the Moon. His bravery is unequalled. The Apollo mission was so close to failure at several points, yet he kept cool and carried on to the successful conclusion of the flight.

Which luxury item can you not travel without?
A good quality watch to be worn on the beach, in the sea and at the local restaurant.

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