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Article: Travel Talk with Friends of STOW: Alexandra Fullerton

Travel Talk with Friends of STOW: Alexandra Fullerton
Friends of STOW

Travel Talk with Friends of STOW: Alexandra Fullerton

STOW sits down with Friend of STOW and Stylist Fashion Director, Alexandra Fullerton, to talk travel tips and tricks.

To where would you most like to stowaway?

I’m desperate to go back to the beaches on Ambergris Caye in Belize. They were every desert island fantasy from art, music and literature come to life in ridiculously bright technicolor.

Who would you take with you?

Just give me one day there alone, please! Then my husband and daughter can come and join me once I’ve recharged my batteries.

One essential piece of kit you cannot travel without, and why?

The essentials are the boring things like phone chargers, plug adapters, my passports. Without them I would be lost and any trip would turn into a disaster.

What is your favourite STOW piece, and why?

The First Class Tech Case is a genius bit of kit and it will change my travelling life because it makes storing all the boring yet essential bits of kit (see above!) much more fun.

What would you keep in your stowaway envelope?

An emergency square of dark chocolate to see me through any situations when a sugar craving might hit me unawares.

Luxury or practicality – which one are you?

I don’t see why you can’t have practical luxury – my shoes might be flat but they are still Marc Jacobs!

Best piece of travel attire to stay stylish when on the move?

I keep my travel look very simple. My stretch leather leggings from J Brand are a favourite. They look more polished than a pair of jeans and are cosy on the plane (I hate the draughty air con) They’re also no crease, meaning I can head straight to meetings from the airport if I need to!

How do you stay stylish when travelling?

The most stylish thing you can do when you’re travelling is to keep calm – and that comes from being prepared and organised. Nothing looks less stylish than someone crouching down by security rummaging around in a giant bag, searching for their lipgloss / phone / passport however smartly they are dressed! So I use lots of smart pouches and mini bags to keep my kit divided.

Best piece of fashion advice you’ve received?

When you’re packing for a trip take two tops to every bottom – that way you can stretch your items further and get more looks from an edited capsule wardrobe.

Who is your travel hero/heroine and why?

Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden. He fronts the band AND flies their tour planes – the definition of multi-tasking!

Which luxury item can you not travel without?

I always pack a pair of monogrammed pyjamas. It makes the experience of travelling for work and sleeping in a strange hotel room (when I would rather be tucked up in bed at home) much more bearable if I have some fabulous PJs to change into!

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