STOW Journal December 2020

Happy Christmas!

We know it’s a little early to be wishing you, but it seems everyone has gone early this year. We hope that in the rush of Christmas you can spare a moment for yourself to sit and escape with our journal.

Want to embrace ageing? Our Spirit section features Dee Boomken, a fashion photographer who is putting older women on the map.

Walking. Whether or not you can get out into the wilds, our selection of stunning walks might inspire you to rug up, blow off the winter cobwebs and head out for a bracing walk in your own neighbourhood.

And a place that is now on our travel wish-list. Discover all things Copenhagen, the home of cutting-edge design.

Finally, STOW wanted to spare a thought for all those around the world, so we take a look at some curious Christmas traditions in other countries.

Wishing you all the best of the season and a warm and merry Christmas.