Hello again,

It’s the season of change, not just seen in the land and the hedgerows around us. Many of us are back to our work lives but trying to do things a little differently.

Here at STOW we are thrilled to bring in our completely new, eco-conscious collection, our SLOW collection. Made of exceptional quality canvas, it heralds in a new age of travel. Ever passionate about bringing luxury into our lives and upholding the ‘buy-it-once and buy-it-well’ mantra that seems more apt today than ever, the SLOW Collection is aimed at trips closer to home. Ideal for heading off by road or sea to those special places that restore our souls.

If you or your company is looking for a revolutionary way to work, then don’t miss our Spirit section. Serial entrepreneur Jeanette Pearce MBE talks about her new book, ‘ Better off Working Wild’. It’s set to change the way we work forever.

Finally, if you want to be Lord of the Manor, or rather, of your own island, head over to our Travel and Wonder sections. Promise you won’t need a yacht or indeed, a lot of suncream.

Stay well at home and away.