It’s a strange time for all and we, like you, are trying our best to navigate the current COVID-19 pandemic. STOW is focusing our efforts on doing everything we can to take care of each other and our vibrant community which is made up of our staff, our factory partner and employees, agencies and other suppliers, and of course our customers. Our immediate priority is the health of our staff and customers, so we wanted to let you know what we are doing as a business to combat COVID-19 as best as we can.

  • Deliveries and shipments are taking place as normal. We still continue to operate a next-day delivery service to the UK as well as a variety of worldwide delivery options. We will continue to be transparent with customers regarding any delays that may arise.
  • Orders can be kept on ‘hold’ – if you would like to order with us but do not want to receive your item right away, we understand. Please leave a note on your order in checkout or message us instructions on when to send via
  • The STOW team is actively practising social distancing and working remotely. This means that the majority of us are not in the office. There will be someone on hand to answer your telephone calls, but please bear with us as our phone line may be busier than expected at times. Please feel free to reach out to us at for a quick and friendly email response.
  • Hygiene has and will always continue to be a priority. Fulfilment staff now take the extra precaution of cleansing hands before and after touching each order. Our stock room has been cleaned and all surfaces treated with anti-bacterial products.

We thank you for your continued support throughout this difficult time.

Best wishes,