STOW chats with fashion stylist and online influencer Nicola Huisman to discuss her travel secrets.

To where would you most like to stowaway?

Somewhere warm! At the moment The Philippines are on top of my list.

Who would you take with you?

A big group of friends, including my boyfriend who is the most essential person.

One essential piece of kit you cannot travel without, and why?

A small scented candle – it makes every place smell like home.

What is your favourite Stow piece, and why?

I like all the personalized pieces – so fancy!

What would you keep in your Stow secret envelope?

I won’t tell – it’s a secret 😉

Luxury or practicality – which one are you?

Luxury for sure, but when needed, I can be very practical.

Best piece of travel attire to stay stylish when on the move?

I always bring my small steamer with me, to keep my looks crisp & wrinkle-free.

How do you stay stylish when travelling?

I love to dress up a little for a flight – you feel much more fresh when you arrive.

Best piece of fashion advice you’ve received?

Overdress to impress.

Who is your travel hero/heroine and why?

Jane (from Tarzan).

Which luxury item can you not travel without?

A big, fat beauty case and lots of shoes.

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