AirPods Cases

Our sleek clip-on AirPods case is the tech accessory of the day.

Shaped with a protected, padded leather outer and secure zip-around closure, this AirPod case is designed to protect your little electrical essentials. This luxury Earphone case also doubles up as a stylish charm when attached to your everyday accessories and allows you to keep your tiny tech shielded from scruffs, scratches and marks.

This hand-stitched leather case can store your AirPods (Generation 1 or 2), AirPods Pro, EarPods and even earphones or coins. With a keyring fastening and a gold-toned clasp, you can attach the case to your keys, clip it to your belt loop or even the handle of a favoured rucksack, handbag or briefcase, because we all know how easy those things are to lose!

Built from lavish luxury leather sourced from a Gold Standard Leather Work Group approved tannery, our earphone case makes a delightful luxury gift for Dad, Brother or Son. Our AirPod holder is small, and therefore a practical gift for those on-the-go and a perfect luxury birthday gift or leather anniversary gift that ensures longevity and quality.

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