Makeup, Brow and Brush Cases

This on-the-go essential is perfect as a gift for travellers or lovers made from the finest top-grain Napa leather available - soft, sleek and seriously handy.

Its versatility is perfect for storing cosmetics such as brushes, mascara and hairbands, but also for paintbrushes, pencils and pens. Designed for life on the move, it’s the perfect size for slipping into handbags and luggage with minimal fuss

Available in a selection of colourways, each case is finished with an elegant gold foil embossed STOW logo and orange pull zip. All of our Makeup Brow and Brush cases reveal a bright orange interior made from our eco-friendly Gipitex lining sourced from Italy.

The makeup case is crafted using real, premium leather that is sourced from a gold-rated tannery in Barcelona that complies with the highest EU regulations, ensuring that every step of the tanning process follows the highest sustainability standards.