The Times writer and leading entrepreneur Jo Fairley shares her love for STOW's Crossbody Phone Wallet

STOW recently gifted inspirational speaker, author and co-founder of Green & Blacks Jo Fairley, an Amber Orange Crossbody Phone Wallet and received the below very kind and considered write-up review on her Instagram @jofairley.

Jo: Oh SO clever! I have been lamenting the fact – and bleating on and on and ON to @craigsams about it for a good few years – that nobody makes stylish, high-quality 'phone bags'. I honestly thought of starting a business to do just that (yup, another one), but happily I don't have to because @stowlondon are making beautiful cross-body phone bags, having also spotted what I reckon is a gaping gap in the market. Because honestly, I don't know about you, but most of the time for the past year I've been able to get away with a pocket: credit card, phone, key, lip balm, mask. That's it. However, as we approach a somewhat less pocket-y season (I refer to my winter coat as a 'shoplifter's coat' because, although I have never shoplifted in my entire life, you could fit a weekly shop in its pockets), I had been searching even harder for something that wasn't a 'festival bag' (fine for the beach somewhere hot, or Glasto), but looked spiffy and city-worthy but also not too chi-chi for nipping out for a loaf – and here it is, with a back pocket for a credit card and enough room for pared-down essentials in the zipped bit but super-lightweight, and with the phone right there for whipping out to catch a seagull's swoop or a shimmering horizon. In the spirit of transparency: I spotted Stow in my Insta feed (since Instagram has now obviously chipped my brain); happenstance, the very same day, a friend announced she was doing their PR. I tried to blag a press discount (something I swear I never do!) but they generously #gifted me this, instead – on the strength of which I'll be buying another, in a different colour. (Could you make a red or a lemon one at some point, please, Stow?) My years of being a donkey, lugging a ridiculously heavy bag, are behind me. And I know I'm not alone. A year or so ago I read an article in the New York Times called 'The Phantom Bag', about all those handbags and totes now languishing uncarried, in our closets (I’m planning to sell some of mine on Rebelle) – and I predict that's where a lot of them will stay, as we stride into a different future, jauntily swinging our phone bags...

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