Made to Journey - The New Director Folio Tech Case

OPULENCE • The Journal • March 21

Who doesn’t recognise the line, ‘A Diamond is Forever’? In 1999 it was named ‘The Slogan of the Century’ by Advertising Age. It was written by a woman, Frances Gerety, over seventy years ago. And today it remains as relevant as ever. Diamonds have come to mark our most cherished moments, bonds and commitments. They represent timeless emotions. They are not a purchase taken lightly, but once made, a diamond is carried along with you on life’s journey.

So much so that stories abound of lost diamonds whose owners have moved heaven and earth to re-find them. For instance, there’s the one about the ring last seen on a bathroom windowsill and years later found inside a bird’s nest in the owner’s garden. It is stories such as these that build the aura around the diamond. There is a sense of pride in having ownership of something that is made to last, that can weather time, misadventures and even cheeky magpies. And the scars and stories collected along the way are all part and parcel of the unique character of the cherished piece.

This same sentiment is now being attached to other items. A growing number of consumers share the buy it for life, or BIFL, philosophy that strives to reduce consumerism and associated waste, by judging measuring the performance and durability of the item’s components. The emphasis is on greatest value rather than best price, the idea being that over a lifetime the performance will merit the cost. As far as the environment goes, there is mounting desire by consumers to spend their money wisely, and once.

With this in mind, STOW unveils their latest hard-working piece. Based on the highly prized Tech Case but adapted to include extra space for a larger laptop, this piece is certain to be a life-long companion. Handcrafted from the finest Napa leather and suede, this luxury case looks and feels exquisite but will work hard to protect your tech. And with leather sourced from a gold-standard member of the Leather Working Group (who assess and certify leather manufacturers) you can be assured of the very finest in quality.

On a practical note, within the case are two spacious leather pockets for tech and/or notebooks and documents with further smaller slip pockets layered on top to offer maximum storage options. It can fit small laptops such as a 12.9" iPad pro with keyboard or a 13" laptop. When closed dimensions are a neat 24cm wide by 32cm tall and a depth of 2.5cm. Slim and stylish.

It might not come with a distinguished slogan but the Director Folio Tech Case is sure to be a life-long companion. If not a girl’s (or boy’s) best friend.

Colours available Jet/Soft Sand, Ivory/Shell and African Violet/Warm Grey.