On Location... Cornwall

‘The joys in Cornwall are the simple ones, and those that need searching for.’

Maillette, Grosso and Hidcote might sound like wines, but they are in fact some of the varieties of lavender farmed by Sam and Mark Hall-Digweed in Roskorwell Farm, Helston. They established the first lavender farm in Cornwall after being inspired by those they encountered on their travels around the Mediterranean, Morocco, Provence and the Luberon area of France.  
Albeit a challenging climate in which to grow lavender it is also very rewarding. ‘When those rows of purple appear on the landscape, we know we’re doing the right thing,’ says Sam. The couple have also added the luxury spice, saffron to their crops. ‘Growing and processing saffron is a labour-of-love. Our production is small (not that our love isn’t), but of exceptional quality.’

Best Bed

After a day harvesting and distilling lavender the best place on earth is my own bed! However, if I was tempted to stay out, I’d get into the groove of the  Budock Vean Hotel. It has its own golf course and spa and even takes the dogs.

Best Bar

The Five Pilchards in Porthallow, leave your airs and graces outside, grab a cold one and kick back with friends.

Best Meal

At the Greenhouse, husband and wife team Neil and Leona rustle up the most fantastic food in the most unpretentious manner and setting. This modern bistro, featured in the Good Food Guide 2020, 2018 Michelin Guide and many more, is a must.

Best Adventure

Out on the water watching a super pod of dolphins playing in the wake and criss-crossing in front of the boat.