Go Green!

TRAVEL • The Journal • September 21

Want to get away before the winter sets in? How about a few less obvious choices. It is all about changing the scenery, getting away to different colours or shifting into a different gear.


Step back in time in Romanian countryside where, outside the towns and cities, the horse and cart is still a common way to get around. Take a wild ride into the meadows and forests of the Carpathian Mountains or take to the road for stunning scenery in open landscape past castles and medieval cities.



Beat the crowds and head for the sweet treats of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. Stroll the city streets, stopping in at cafes to savour handmade chocolate, pralines and pastries. Or pull on your boots and hike out for some mountain air. Don’t forget a cruise on the lake itself where the autumn forest colours and mists are sure to calm your mind.



Cut a dash to the most beautiful town along the Adriatic coast: Piran. This Mediterranean walled town is known for the world-class fleur de sel (flowers of salt), which brought the town its fortunes. After a swim you can while away afternoons wandering the winding alleyways in the historical old town, a gem of Venetian Gothic architecture, and end the day with a sunset.



Antigua’s coastline is surrounded by coral reefs and soft, white-sand beaches. Its proximity to the equator means the island enjoys a tropical climate with long days of sunshine throughout the year. With an average temperature of 26°C in the summer that falls to 23°C in January, the island enjoys a beautiful, warm climate all year round. Autumn is hurricane season, though, so expect heavier rain if you head there in October!



If you like to party, then head to Berlin, known as the city that never sleeps. It is a crazy combination of glamour and grit with its cabarets, cocktail caverns and all-night cafes. On your down time you can walk along the remnants of the Berlin Wall or visit Checkpoint Charlie for a sense of history you can touch. You won’t get bored exploring its vibrant culture, both high and lowbrow.

Information correct at time of writing.